When we think about violence, we envision it’s misuse.

The thought of power being forcefully asserted against another person immediately prompts a negative connotation.

The overtone changes however if violence is used as a means of defence. Violence in this context is considered to be a reasonable action.

If violent acts are justified in some instances but not others, it isn’t the act itself that is wrong, but the motives behind it.

Violence is often regarded to be a baser and brutish form of resolution in Western society. …


Generations have pondered the ambiguous lyrics of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Little explanation has ever been given by the band or its composer, Freddie Mercury. This essay examines Mercury’s private life and the time period in which the song was composed to provide an explanation of its possible personal meanings to Mercury. Commentary from Mercury’s closest friends, the timeline of his bisexual experimentation and the historical and social context of the LGBT liberation all play a role in revealing the song’s strategic lyrics and musical qualities. Findings suggest that “Bohemian Rhapsody” tells the story of Mercury’s psychological warfare in coming to…

Julie Taddeo

Writers are understanders. Stories are not made, but synthesized and translated.

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